Different between new tab, new window and incognito window in Google Chrome browser

Chrome browser have three different viewing window side.

  • New Tab
  • New Window
  • New Incognito Window

New Tab which will open in next tab in same window, by clicking the “New Tab” in top right side corner of plus sign or clicking on customise and control in right.

Google Chrome Browser
Google Chrome Browser

New Window open as separate window, so you can also add “New Tab” in “New Window” in Google Chrome browser. Both New Tab and New Window maintain cookie, history and extension.

New Incognito Window will open as separate window, you can also add “New Tab” but it will inside the “New Incognito Window” there is no “New Window” in Incognito Window.   Incognito won’t maintain cookie and history, whatever website browsed in Incognito Window it will be cleared once the Incognito Window closed.

Installed extension won’t visible in Incognito Window.