bookmark_borderCreating simple Guestbook with PHP and MySql

Most of the website having guestbook in different way to track guest feedback and make their website more user friendly for their visitor. So next time user came to their  website they can feel the change what they have suggested in the guestbook.

What is the Guestbook ?

Guestbook is the form which will collect list of data from the user and store into database or any file-system. So it will helpful for the website owner to go through the suggestion of the guestbook.

Why Guestbook need to store in database instead of mail ?

Yes, you can have both in Guestbook to store data into database and mail alert for post information. When user data stored into database it will help the admin to check the data by date-wise, region-wise and repeated user. Continue reading “Creating simple Guestbook with PHP and MySql”